Fashion Within is specialized in advising and training business towards producing better fashion and textile products, which ultimately helps them grow and generate more revenue


Fashion Within is a unique initiative by experienced teacher, textile designer and resarcher Carolina Quintero and her commitment to improve products and processes within the textile and fashion industry.


Carolina has more than 15 years' of local and international experience in the TCF sector. She is currently working at RMIT conducting research into specialist textile technology.


Since 2005, she has been teaching fashion and textiles related subjects, with a special focus on technical advice and training for the industry.

Carolina Quintero

Carolina's skills and depth knowledge enable improvements in every aspect by providing your business with a complete solution in training and consulting.


Areas of her expertise include:


  • Textile technology: fibres, fabrics, printing, weaving, surface design;

  • Labelling;

  • Product Design and Innovation;

  • Research into new technologies;

  • Materials sourcing and development;

  • Production - CMT (local and international);

  • Technical Packages for product manufacturing;

  • Product negotiation;

  • Quality assurance.