Fashion Within offers the services of advice and training to produce better fashion and textile products, ultimately helping your business to grow and generate more revenue.



Areas of expertise include: 

  •      Product development: fabrics, garments, footwear;

  •      Technical training: Printing, Weaving, Finishing;

  •      Production processes: product specifications, product packages for         production, wear  trials, labelling etc.


Aditionally, Fashion Within offers accredited training, in conjunction with a registered training organization (RTO).


We can improve your business by identifying shortcomings, and advise you on implementing  new techniques in-line with your business processes.


We believe in quality and delivering the best to our customers. This is why we customize all our services to respond to your specific needs.



Fashion Within uses extensive research and training skills across our areas of expertise:

Product Development

We will help you achieve improved and higher-quality products for your specific market, and generate more revenue for your business.

Technical Training

Fashion Within will advice you on how to align your business with modern technologies, for products and/or processes, and tailor a solution to your particular business.

Production Processes

We customise training and consulting to your business needs. The solutions we provide will increase efficiency of your business, generating higher revenue.